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Four Perfect Wedding Hairstyles with Veil

Authored by Bria Berger

 For brides, your dress and veil are what makes you shine – and what insures no one looks as good as you do on your wedding day! But many brides don’t know how fix their hair for their big day, or how to use their headpiece as the framework for a particular style. Use this guide as a guide to help you get the beautiful wedding hairstyle that will finish off your perfect wedding look.

Getting started with hairstyling

Some brides have the exact picture of what they want in their heads, while others don’t know the perfect hairstyle until they see it. Try browsing through some bridal magazines or hair books to get an idea of what you want. Show your mom or maid of honor the pictures and ask how well they think the hairstyle goes with your dress and your wedding décor.

The perfect wedding veils & headpieces

wedding veil picThere are many headpieces to consider that go beyond your traditional pull-over veil. You could try a headband, with or without a veil attached, a tiara, a comb, a bun piece that encloses around your bun, a wreath of flowers or other ornamentation, or simply pin fresh flowers in a bun or behind the year. Consider going to a bridal or veil shop to get an idea for your perfect headpiece.

Fall In Love with your veil and hairdo

Now, you have to fall in love all over again - with a veil or a hairstyle! Once you have either one of these picked out, you can begin to create your wedding hairstyle. First we’ll talk about matching veils to your dream hairstyle.

Top Hairstyle Matches with Veil

French Twist: The French twist is a classically beautiful hairstyle that goes with a variety of veils. A French twist looks beautiful under a shorter blusher veil or a fingertip length veil. Create your French twist in the middle of the back of your head for ease in putting on your veil.

Updos: Stunning, intricate hair updos are a beautiful look for your wedding day, but they can be hard to match to a veil. If you plan to go with wedding hair updo with veil, try putting a heavier veil underneath the hairstyle, for a modern take on the classic look. Glamorous updos also look great with flowers tucked in or around the hair or beautiful pieces of hair jewelry, like barrettes and combs. Many brides choose to wear their up for the ceremony and take it down for reception, providing two looks and a whole lot of glamour.

Let Your Hair Down Loose: Wondering how to wear a veil with your hair down? curled hair is a romantic look for your wedding day that works with many headpieces, such as a sparkling tiara, a wreath of flowers, or simple barrettes or flowers behind your ear. For a clean veil look, choose a veil that is longer than your hair so your hair stays neat and beautiful.

Short Hair: Many brides think short hair is not wedding material. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Wedding veils and short hair styles looks beautiful in an array of hairstyles and veils. Try a finger wave for an old Hollywood feel, or part your hair deep to the side, pull back, curl and use sparkly pins to create a few loops and curls. Thin wreaths of flowers or metallic barrettes can take an average short hairstyle into immediate wedding splendor. Many veils work with shorter styles but keep veils medium or shorter in length: super long veils can camouflage you.

Veil Matches

long wedding veilHeavy Veils- If your heart is set on a traditional veil that extends beyond your waist, try a hairstyle with minimal volume on top, like a chignon, a French Twist, or a curled bun. You can leave more volume on the sides of your head for a more romantic feel, or pull your hair back tightly for a formal look.

Shorter Veils- Short veils are modern and very chic. If you’re wearing a shorter veil, remember to keep your hair shorter than the length of the veil, or it could look messy or get tangled. Updos or hair pulled half up generally work best with shorter veils.

Headbands- Most headbands look great with any hairdo, but there are a few things to remember. Try not to get a headband with too many sparkles or it could distract from your face and cause problems with photography. Consider getting a modern headband that has a detachable veil for your reception. A good guide for headbands is the longer the hair, the thicker the band- short hair and updos look best in thinner headbands that don’t overwhelm your hairstyles.

Wreaths, Bun pieces and Tiaras- These headpieces are a contemporary twist on the classic veil. Flowered wreaths look great on long, loose hair or elaborate updos. For shorter hair, keep wreaths on the small side to keep your face the main feature. Bun pieces work great over long, thick hair that is pulled into a bun or an updo and can provide some sparkle and shine. Tiaras look beautiful on top of long curled hair or on updos, but keep the updos towards the middle to bottom part of your head when wearing a tiara to provide some balance.
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