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Ideas for Wavy Hair Wedding Hairstyles

A woman's hair is her crowning glory. For the bride, the hairstyle that she will wear during her wedding can be a difficult choice. The deciding factor to a bride's hairstyle is actually her preference and choice. Brides with long wavy hair can actually have a lot of options when it comes to wedding hairstyles. This is because long wavy hair is very easy to style. The texture of wavy or curly hair is vastly different from straight hair. It is the texture of wavy or curly hair that makes it great for trying out different hairstyles.

Loose Wavy Hairstyles

woman with wavy hairWearing your hair loose during you wedding is one option for brides with wavy hair. Whether it is long or short, there are many loose hairstyles that suits wavy hair. It is in the way you style it that loose wavy hair becomes an asset during your wedding. Usually, wavy hair is curled for the wedding to emphasize it. Depending on your preferences, you can have the curls bigger or tighter. A looses layered style of cut is also great for wedding especially those in the outdoors or more informal atmosphere.

You can also use combs and clips to tie back a portion of your hair. Wedding accessories corresponding to the theme of your wedding are best used for these types of hairstyles. Pearl, crystals and even hair wreaths can be used for loose wavy hairstyles.

Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs

Wavy hair with bangs is another way to go during your wedding. The length of the bangs for your hair will depend on you and how it suits you. Longer bangs will frame your face while shorter bangs, focused on the forehead, will emphasize the bangs. Wavy hair with bangs is best done with a soft layer framing the face or a shaggy cut around the forehead.

Wavy Layered Hair

The layered look adds volume to wavy hair. It is also one common to women with wavy hair. The layered look takes away the severity of a blunt cut as well as gives the impression of softness. Wearing the layered look to your wedding can be best done by piling up the tresses onto your head and allowing some strands to escape for a beautiful natural look or just letting it loose with some additional curls at the ends of the cut.

Wet and Shiny Wavy Hairstyles

For those who prefer to have a polished hairstyle during their weddings, they can opt for hairstyles that are structured or have some gel or mousse to create a polished look. Tight buns are great for those with longer hair since the buns will look bigger. Brushing back the hair from the forehead and backwards will create a clean and shiny look especially when mouse or gel is used. For those who wish to have a less formal or structured look but have the wet and shiny appearance, treat your hair to some products that have laminating oil or properties but let it hang loose.

Cascading Style

Other styles that you might like for your wavy hair during you wedding may be tying it at the back and letting it cascade down. Bigger curls are needed for this kind of hairstyle so you will need to curl your hair. Wavy hair is best for this style because the curls last longer compared to naturally straight hair. You can also opt to have your wavy hair braided close to your head or have it tied back in French twist.

Wavy Hair Accessories

Here are a few hair accessories that go really well with wavy hair.

Wavy Hair with Flowers

You can also accessorize your hairstyle with many things on your wedding day. One of the more common hairstyles accessories is a flower. Wearing one on your hair during your wedding can actually compliment your looks. You can always pile up your hair loosely and put in a fresh flower onto the loose pile or a tight bun can be made less structured by adding flowers made of crystals. You can also opt for loose hair and put a flower behind your ear.

Styling with Rosettes

Other ways to accessorize with flowers is to add rosettes to your loose wavy hair. The small rosettes can be stuck to your hair using glue. This will not harm your hair and can be washed off after the wedding. Other wedding accessories can be combs, clips and clamps that suit the wedding theme.

How to Get Wavy Hair

If you do not have wavy hair but want to style with one for your wedding, then you can always create wavy hair using some simple methods.

Wavy hair can be created or emphasized by scrunching it up, using foam rollers or a curling iron. Scrunching up your hair can have the desired effect of wavy hair and so will foam rollers. For those with naturally curly hair, this will not be a big problem because their hair already has the natural wave to it. Straight hair might need the aid of some hairstyling products to produce the desired effects. The curling iron can also be used for creating waves and curls but without any hair styling products the curls will not last long.

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