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Simple Step by Step Instructions for Straight Half Up Wedding Hairstyle

Styling Instructions by Expert Author Lenzi Hart

 When you flip through the pages of most bridal magazines, it’s easy to spot a recurring trend in the hairstyles of the oh-so-perfect brides. Mountains of curls, rolling waves of hair, and perfectly pinned up-dos dominate the classical bridal look. What if you don’t care for oodles of curls or enjoy having enough bobby pins in your mane to set off a metal detector? What do you do if your hair type WILL NOT hold a curl, or even a wave for that matter, for more than thirty seconds, let alone an entire evening of I dos and dancing? Straight half up and sleek wedding hairstyles are an option, and can still be a modern, yet romantic alternative to cascading curls. With the right tools, products, and techniques, most textures and styles of hair can realize sleek, sophisticated hair.

Accessories Your Would Need

To achieve a sleek, salon look at home, it is essential to have the appropriate gear before you begin taming your mane. Investing in a good blow dryer and natural bristle (1 ˝ to 2 inch, round) brush is essential to a straight and smooth hairstyle. A high-heat ceramic straightening/flat iron is also vital, and acts as “the icing on the cake” of your straight bridal do’ (no pun intended)!

Products act as helping hands in the straightening process, so purchase a de-frizzing serum, finishing cream, and high-shine hairspray. Although this look is modern and extremely simple to obtain, you will still need a few bobby pins that match your hair color. Now that you have your army of hair supplies, you are ready to create polished tresses.

Straight Half Up Hairdo Instructions

Step One: Apply de-frizzing serum to towel dried hair. Using your fingers, comb through your hair as you blow dry it on a low-heat setting. When your hair is damp, but not completely dry, divide it into three to four sections. Drying hair in sections ensures that each layer is thoroughly dried, but at the same time, not over dried due to repeating the same section.

applying de-frizzing hair serum
Step Two: Using the round brush, dry the bottom section of hair, one part at a time; parts that are as wide as your brush. Be sure to use the hair dryer concentrator attachment to ensure maximum heat and air are getting to each section. As you dry, rotate your brush and guide the hair in downward rotations.

drying hair

Step Three: Spray a thermal protecting spray, starting at the nape of the neck and then brush through. Using your flat iron, smooth small partings that are no wider than the width of the iron, working your way from the root downward, moving continuously. Be sure you put your iron on a lower temperature if you have fine or color treated hair.

using flat iron on hair

Step Four: Rub a dime size dollop of finishing cream between your palms and work through your hair with your fingers. Smooth fly-aways and touch up any strands with your flat iron that are not straight.

applying finishing cream to hair

Step Five: Gather the front section of your hair ( the hair at the front of the crown), being sure to leave out your bangs (if you have any). A good way to make sure you aren’t gathering too much hair is to place both pointer fingers even with the ends of your eyebrows and work your fingers back through your hair. All hair below this imaginary line should be left down, and will cover your ears. We are going for a half up, half down look!

final hair setting

Step Six: Tease beneath the section of hair you have just gathered, using your round brush to create volume. Once you have teased beneath the sections of hair, gather the section to a point at the back of your crown. Push the hair from the back of the crown, forward until you achieve the desired look.

using round brush

Step Seven: Before you pin, you will twist the section of hair half of a rotation. Pin the twist in place, disguising the pins within the twist. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may have to use a few or several bobby pins to secure the twist in place. Spray the pinned section with a low-hold hair spray, smoothing strays into place with your fingers. Secure your veil (a veil with a comb attachment works best) in place in the area of the bobby pins, so that the pins are camouflaged by the veil.

Just because you are getting married doesn’t mean you have to embody a hairstyle you are not comfortable with or even dislike. Straight half up wedding hairstyle isn’t against the unwritten wedding rules! It’s your day, and your wedding hairstyle should resemble you on the best hair day of your life, and shouldn’t resemble a version of you with a completely different do’!

straight half up hair do

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