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Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Short and Curly Hair

  Most people who have curly hair are not very happy about their hair – though with the right care and setting they always look fabulous. The most important thing with the curly hairstyle is that you should accept that it needs constant work and attention. The basics for curly hair care, fortunately, are easy and within the grasp and reach of the common woman. Most women either learn how to manage their curly hair on their own, or go for short or long hairstyles which can be easily managed.

The Curly Wedding Hairstyle

When you speak about the day-to-day problems and joys of having curly hair it is much different from the issues that you would meet curly wedding hair style. Here a general advice would not really be of much use because while straight hair is the same (more or less) for everyone, curly hair is different with each person. Each person, therefore learns the kinks of her hair and with time discovers ways to keep the hair tamed and attractive.

When it comes for curly wedding hairstyle you need to take extra precaution both for your hair treatment as well as the hairdresser you chose. The following few tips might be of help:

1. The right hair stylist – whether you have long or short curly hair, this type of hair needs special attention. This is why you would need a person who knows how to handle and style curly hair. This is a highly specialized service and hence, you need to ask the salon for a professional to look at and do your hair. When it comes to the wedding day hairdo – do not take absolutely any chances.

2. The right style – what type of curly wedding hair style or hair do you choose would very much depend upon what type of hair you have. Is it tightly curled similar to African people, is it wavy curly or is it soft curly? The hair stylist would be able to judge from the texture and thickness of your hair which hair style would be the best for you. This could be a curly wedding updo or a combination of half updo and half let down.

Then there are the short bridal hairdos. The short bridal hairdo's trick is to pile the hair up in such a way that it would look longer and fuller than it actually is. Alternatively, one could leave it loose and choose some wonderful accessories such as tiaras, hair pins, etc to enhance the beauty of the hair.

3. The right treatment – ensure that you show your hair to a specialist at least two months before the D-day. In this way, if the hair has any damages or needs any special treatment, it would have sufficient time to work and change it into whatever would be ideal for you. Even if your hair is perfect you would still need some special treatment to ensure that you are able to carry out your favorite wedding hairstyle with ease.

4. How do you know what to choose – the fact is that you do not know. However, you could always ask the advice of the hairstylist and your close relative before you decide to try out that country bridal hairstyles or any other hairstyle as a matter of fact. Show the hairstylist a photograph of the dress you are going to wear, the veils, the tiaras, etc. In this way the hairstylist would understand your need and thereby do the best under the circumstances.

5. Leave it natural – this is not – unlike what people think – the easiest way out though it is definitely amazingly gorgeous. When you choose to leave the curly hair open, you would need to go through a rigorous treatment to ensure that the hair would stay put innocently curled and beautiful throughout the wedding ceremony and wedding party. This is tough because curly hair almost always becomes unruly and unkempt looking after a while. For this you would need to soften it and then apply styling gel on it; you might also use some hidden pins to give it a enigmatic and sexy look.

6. The curly wedding up-dos – this is one of the most beautiful ways to make your hair and curly looks simply gorgeous. You would only need to make sure you are comfortable wearing the hairdo for about 7-10 hours on the wedding day. The hair should not be tied or pinned too tight or it would become uncomfortable.

Take your time while choosing and while doing so, learn to appreciate your wonderful curly hair. Remember that people pay thousands of dollars every year to get their hair curled. Aren’t you lucky you have natural curls?

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