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Wedding Hairstyles Using Flower and Other Types of Hair Wreaths

Choosing your wedding hairstyle is a crucial decision because next to your dress, the hair is one thing that people will notice about you. Wearing a wreath for your wedding hairstyle has been done for decades already. Traditionally, wreaths are made of flowers and other foliage but these days they can be made up of anything from expensive crystals to paper flowers. Wreaths are usually circles made to fit the head of the bride.

Hairstyles When Wearing a Wreath

Originally, wreaths were seen as something that you put on top of your head consisting of flowers of any kind. The bride's hair is let loose and flowing. Alternative to straight flowing hair with a wreath is to curl your hair. The curls can be big and voluptuous or tight. Some brides tie back the front part of their hair to expose their face and then put the wreath on top of their heads.

Another way to wear your wreath is to put up your hair loosely. There should be some strands falling off to create an ethereal, natural look. Big curls look good in this hairstyle, especially if the falling strands are strategically placed, usually at the sides of the face and some at the back. You can also wear your wreath around a tight bun instead of on top of your head. Some brides wear wreaths around a large tight bun. The overall effect is very clean and sophisticated.

Types of Wreaths

There are as many wreaths as you can imagine. Although, most wreaths are made of flowers some are also made of just plain greenery or foliage. Flower wreaths are the most popular choices for most brides and their entourage. Other types of wreaths are made of wire and embellished with crystals, semi precious stones, pearls or beads. These are usually more expensive than others wreaths.

You can actually make wreaths according to your preferences. Paper can be folded, origami style to make a unique wreath for a wedding hairstyle while other mediums such as leaves or coconut fronds have been woven to make large wreaths.

Things to Consider

Several things to keep in mind if you opt for a hairstyle with a wreath on your wedding day is to anchor it with hair pins to avoid it falling off your head. If you wear it with a veil, consider if you want to place it on top of the veil or under it.

The kind of live flowers you will use for your bridal wreath need to look pretty even after a few hours. Some flowers wilt or bruise easily so make sure you have a trial wreath done to see how long it will last. Brides sometimes coordinate hairpieces with their attendants and flower girls so if you still want to make your unique from theirs, have different flowers made for your wreath or have theirs in a different color and yours white.

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