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Four Steps to Create Finger Waves for Your Wedding

Hairstyle Instructions by Bria Berger

  There's a lot of pressure on brides today: not only must the wedding be beautiful, unique and include everyone last relative under the sun, you also have to look drop dead gorgeous from morning till night! Fortunately, glamorous dresses and makeup tips are easier to find than ever, with online shopping and personal makeup artists for the big day.

But your hair is another department entirely. A bride's hair must be primed for a veil or tiara, it must last through the elements, if you choose a beach wedding or an outdoor venue, and it must stay perfect from the beginning of the ceremony all the way to the reception. Old Hollywood glamour hairstyles are back in vogue this year, and it's no surprise. Elegant, sexy hair is timeless and matches a variety of dresses and wedding styles. If you choose a classic hairstyle, you can also be sure that in twenty years your wedding pictures won't look dated and old-fashioned.

Will a Finger Wave Work in My Hair?

Finger waves are a beautiful style that can be done on many hair types. Shorter hair is easier to put in waves, but longer hair can still look beautiful in the style by pulling the rest of the hair into a chic bun at the base of the neck or curling the ends and draping to the side.

Since finger waves are started on wet hair, the look is best for those with straight or wavy hair that has some layers for shape. Very curly hair can achieve this look by being chemically straightened or straightening very well before styling.

Instructions on how to create finger waves in your hair

To begin making a finger wave hairstyle, you'll need a thick hair gel, a comb, at least one hour to work, and either a friend to help you or lots of practice. Try gathering old photos for inspiration. This look is very alluring and impressive but can be difficult the first few times, so consider enlisting some help for your big day.

Step 1: First, start out with thoroughly wet, but not dripping hair. Comb a liberal amount of thick gel through your hair to ensure the style holds. Choose where you want to start your waves, usually over to the side, and place your middle finger flat across your hair as a ridge. on the left side.

Step 2: Using your comb, press against the side of your finger and drag your comb with the teeth on your hair, sideways along your finger until you see the outline of your wave. Lay the comb flat against your scalp. Place another finger next to the finger already in place and hold the ridge down.

Step 3: Using your comb, brush the hair in the curve of the ridge, but in the opposite direction. You can choose how far down you want the ridge by the placement of your finger. By now you should have a noticeable ridge of hair and the beginning of a wave running in the other direction.

Step 4: Now begin to make another wave about an inch to an inch and a half away from your first wave. You are building the style from the first wave all across your head. The waves should eventually dry and be carefully combed out to hold the style. Finish with a medium-hold hairspray to complete the look.

If your hair is short enough that the waves covered your whole head, you're done! But most of us have some hair left over. If you don't want to put the rest of your hair up, try pin curling the rest of your head.

How to do pin curls

Pin curling is a hair curling technique made by rolling the hair up to the head and securing the hair with pins. When the pins are taken out, your hair will be in soft rolls. The pin-curled hairstyle look can be achieved in a quicker and more modern approach by using a small-barrel curling iron to create loose curls and then, after they're cool, brushing them out carefully and spraying with hairspray.

If you'd like to keep it more traditional, try using sponge rollers to roll hair up to your head and secure it with the clasp. These hair pin curls can be taken out once the gelled hair is dry. The tighter you roll up the hair to your head, the smaller the resulting curl will be.

Now that you know how to make a finger wave hair style, let me also tell you that finger waves are a guaranteed way to look picturesque and unique on your special day. With our technique you'll have your hair done in no time and more time to concentrate on being the star of your show!

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