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Create Romantic Natural Waves in Eight Simple Steps

Styling Instructions by Expert Author Lenzi Hart

  Brides put tons of effort and money into looking their best on their wedding day. Yet, the common mistake made by brides is that they totally transform themselves on their wedding day, creating a look that is drastically different from their everyday appearance. Dramatic hairstyles are usually the culprit, because complex, stiff, overly structured dos' can completely alter a bride's appearance. So how do you select a hairstyle that is flattering and special, yet doesn't appear to be forced and over styled? The answer to this question should be to select a style that is natural and effortless. Natural-looking hair waves are attractive on any face shape. Follow the step by step instructions, and you will soon find that creating natural hair waves for your wedding day will be as easy as saying "I do."

How to get natural waves in hair

curling hair with curling ironStep 1:Apply your favorite mousse or low-hold styling gel to damp hair. Depending on your hair type, you can let your hair air-dry, or if your hair is curly or course, you should blow dry it with a round brush to smooth out any tight curls. Yet, keep in mind that your hair doesn't have to be stick-straight to begin the styling process.

Step 2:Using a 1 to 2 inch barrel curling iron, take an inch section of hair, lightly spritz the hair with a low-hold hairspray, then wrap the hair around the barrel of the curling iron.

Step 3: You should start wrapping the hair around the tip of the curling iron, working your way to the base of the curling iron. (See pictures for more clarification.) Wrap the hair tightly, until your fingers are as near to the barrel as you can stand. Please don't wrap so closely you burn your fingers!

wavy hair with curlsStep 4: Hold the hair in place for 8 seconds, or less, depending on the power of your curling iron. It may take more or less time depending on the texture of your hair, so experiment with a low time and work your way up if your hair isn't holding curl at five or eight seconds.

Step 5: Continue this method until your entire head is covered in wavy curls. Gently flip your head over, and shake your hair, while using your fingers to separate the curls. DO NOT BRUSH OR COMB THE CURLS!

scrunch your hair curlsStep 6: Flip your head back over, and spray your hair with a shine-spray. Aerosol shine-sprays work the best, because they are less greasy and create a fine mist. Be sure you are holding the spray arms length away while you are spraying. Use your fingers to scrunch your curls and set the spray.

Step 7: Take a three to four inch section of curls from the front of your crown (surrounding your face). Lightly twist the section and pin with bobby pins to the middle of the back of your head. If you are not attaching a veil, you could use decorative pins adored with jewels, etc.

Step 8: Repeat and pin the opposite section of hair. You will need a veil with a hair comb attachment to achieve the best, most secure look.

This natural wavy wedding hairstyle is easy to achieve, but will last you throughout the wedding AND reception. Being a no-fuss and natural look, your wedding day style will also stand the test of time in your wedding photos for decades to come. (A dated hairstyle can ruin a bride's well-constructed look.) Your romantic waves will leave you feeling beautiful as well as timeless on your big day!

hair with natural waves romantic hair waves

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