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Hairstyle Ideas and Instructions for the Bridesmaid

  Bridesmaids may not be the center of attention during weddings but they are in the background to complement the bride and the entire wedding. Bridesmaids usually take a backseat to the bride during wedding but they also need to look their best in order to make a successful wedding. Hairstyles for bridesmaids may or may not complement that of the bride's because some brides prefer to look uniquely different on their wedding day. Some brides may dictate the hairstyles of their attendants while others let them choose on their own. If you have a choice, it is best to tell the bridesmaids what your hairstyle might be to avoid having the same hairstyle as them on the wedding day. It is best that the bridesmaids keep their hairstyles as simple as possible so as not to detract from the bride. Keeping things simple will also make the bridesmaid's hairstyle easy to pair up with any dress.

Ideas for Bridesmaids Hairstyles

The following are some bridesmaid hairstyle ideas that you can do on your own without help you a hairstylist. Get in touch with us to get step by step instructions of how to do these hairstyles.

chinese hair bun style Low tight bun hairstyles: The usual example of a safe bridesmaid hairstyle is a tight bun positioned low at the back of the head. Even if the bride has her hair done this way, this simple wedding bun hairstyle is generic enough that it will not be so noticeable. It is a basic and safe hairstyle that goes well with most modern wedding dresses with slimmer silhouettes. Formal bun hairstyle is also suitable for off the shoulder dresses as well as strapless dresses. Whether the bottom part of the dress is shapely or wide, this classic wedding hairstyle will suit anything.

You can even consider a Chinese bun hairstyle as shown in the picture.

hair bun Loose top of the head hair buns: A loose bun piled at the top of the bridesmaid's head is also another classic example of a safe hairstyle that will not clash with the bride's even if she is wearing the same kind of hairstyle. A loose bun is also great for more modern and slim silhouettes and it works well with some strands. An alternative to the loose bun is just piling up your hair at the top loosely. Hair stylists can make this style look very random but a lot of work goes into this.

Leaving hair loose: Another hairstyle that would suit most clothes and body types is the loose hair. Letting the hair hang loose can be quite striking especially when it is long and straight. This would look good for bridesmaids in simple sheath dresses. Long curly hair is also great hung loose or it could be tied at the back and the curls could just run riot at the back.

ponytail bridesmaid hairstyle Ponytail hairstyles: Wedding ponytail hairstyles are quite popular, thanks to the celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Beyonce who swear by it. You can consider going for bridesmaid ponytail hairstyles if you hair is soft and sleek. Hair can be made softer using boar bristle brushes and styling creams. Styling creams also help to hold the hair strands in place so the pony looks great. A bungee cord can be used to hold the ponytail in place. If you feel that your pony crown has bulges or is wrinkled you can make use of bobby pins to hold the hair in place. To hide usage of bobby pins make use of pins that are similar to your hair color.

Bridesmaid updo hairstyles: This is probably the most popular of all hairstyles both for the bridesmaid as well as the bride. There are a variety of updo hairstyles that you can try like the half up half down hairstyle. Before you decide to go for the updo hairstyle, just inquire to find out what the bride is about the style her hair as. It is always better to complement the bride's hairstyle than to compete with it.

pinup hairstyle picBridesmaids pinup hairstyles: If you are planning to go the old-fashioned way and are dressing up like a pin-up girl for the wedding then you can consider going for pin-up hairstyles. This type of wedding hairstyle is best suited for women with short blonde hair. But women with long hair can also give this a shot. The best way to go about this is by making fingerwaves using pincurls or rolls.

Pin-up hairstyles should give a fuller look to your hair with bouncy and attractive curls.

Tips for Choosing Your Hairstyle

Consider the following tips before choosing your bridesmaid hairstyle idea:

What dress are you going to wear for the wedding?

The kind of dress that a bridesmaid wears to the wedding is sometimes the key to what kind of hairstyle will be most suitable. A modern dress will be suitable for the first two kinds of bridesmaids hairdos described above. The more traditional billowing dresses may need another kind of hairstyle. These might need to have the hair loose with some of the front part tied back or some clips or combs at the side.

Theme of the wedding

The theme of the wedding will also have something to do with what kind of hairstyle the bridesmaids will have. Some wedding have cowboy themes, so hats might be needed for the bridesmaids or pigtails. A medieval them will need loose hair with some accents to make it look pretty or there may be a headpiece that the bridesmaid will need to wear. Headpieces as well as hats will need hair that will not look unflattering when they are taken off. Other hair accessories may also help to add to the overall theme of the wedding such as seashell clips for ocean themed wedding etc.

Facial Features

Your facial features as well as the shape of your face can be the basis for your bridesmaid hair do. Not all people look good with their hair up while others do not feel at ease with hair longer than their shoulders. There is always a hairstyle that we are comfortable with. It is best to get used to your hairstyle first before choosing it to be the one you will wear to the wedding.

Important tip for bridesmaids: Always bring extra bobby pins with you to the wedding. This is just in case you find yourself with more strands than you can handle. There is nothing wrong with keeping your hair do clean and presentable. You might also like to bring along mousse or hairspray just incase you or anybody else will need touch ups.

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